"El filósofo y la iguana" is the story of a philosopher trying to understand life through an iguana, it was my first attempt on developing a shortfilm when I was 16 (and finished when 17).


· Most of the scenes took place in a suit at the "Gran Hotel Calderón" of "NH hotels" in exchange for putting their logo on the credits and during the film.

· We worked with the professional actor Christian Stamm. IMDB
· I directed a crew of over 30 people. // 40 euros budget.
· We worked with the professional sound designer Oriol Bonals.  IMDB
· The film was selected for the Cefalú film festival in Sicily, Italy.

Film in catalan:  https://goo.gl/QFZEz5
Film in spanish:   https://bit.ly/2uGPgz1